Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sabrina's Cupcakes will be at the Farmer's Market in Guttenberg, IA!!

Hey everyone!
Sorry I haven't been updating this blog like I should, but there will be many more posts coming soon!
Anyway, I will be selling cupcakes at the Farmers Market this coming Saturday (July 14th) in Guttenberg, Iowa!
All proceeds are going to The American Heart Association. I'll have a poster on why I raise money for them. My cousin was born with a Congenital Heart Defect and I've been supporting the AHA ever since. If you want to learn more about Ellie, come check us out!

 The cupcakes will be sold either by container or individually. The containers can have anywhere from 2 to about 7 cupcakes. The pricing is listed below.

1 cupcake:  $1
2 cupcakes: $1.75
3 cupcakes: $2
4 cupcakes: $3
5 cupcakes: $4
6 cupcakes: $5
... and so on.
*I am also selling rubber bracelets that say "Thanks from Ellie and the AHA" for $2. They come in red and pink. Super cute! :)

I'm not sure what flavors I want to do yet. Do you have a favorite? Leave a comment below!

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<3 Sabrina

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